Course Overview

This course will allow the students to understand various DevOps concepts including:

  • DevOps Overview
  • Software development methodologies and SDLC (Waterfall, Agile, Iteration, Spiral, Scrum) and work flow
  • DevOps Phases and Tools
  • Linux essentials (Commands, Files and Directories, Repository Process, Networking, Editors)
  • GIT / GITHUB (Architecture, Repositories, Branching, Stash etc.)
  • Maven and Jenkins (Integrations, Batch jobs, Set up etc.)
  • Ansible – Configuration, Architecture, Set up, Modules, Statements and Jenkins Integrations
  • Dockers – Lifecycle, Virtualizations, Set up, Containers, Deployment, Network Models, Integrations.
  • Kubernetes – Overview, Architecture, Set up, Deployments, Commands
  • Nagios – Monitoring, Plugins, Commands and Templates, Infrastructure
  • Packer – Overview, Workflow, JSON, Commands and Image creation
  • Terraform – Introduction, Building Blocks, Modules, Dependencies, Commands and Graph
  • Interview Questions and Resume Preparation sessions

Course Duration

6-7 weeks / 75 Hours [30 Hours in class and Work on Real-time based Projects in Cybersecurity and Banking 40+ Hours]

Project 1: Cyber Security – Work on Code development in GIT / GitHub
Project 1: Cyber Security – Work on Dockers and Kubernetes on module creation
Project 1: Cybersecurity – Work on Terraform
Project 1: Cyber security – Code review and Defect Fixes
Project 2: API Code review, Defect fixes
Project 2: Work on deployments

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Live Virtual Training:

This incorporates online training in real-time giving you the opportunity to interact with our trainers throughout the session. This facilitates two-way communication and better understanding keeping in mind your comfort and convenience. If for some reason, you missed the online class, you need not worry! We provide you with the pre-recorded classes so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Hands-on session on real time projects:

  • Exposure on working with Dockers and Kubernetes
  • Work on API Integrations and Code review for the deployments in various environments.
  • Exposure on working on GIT / GITHUB environment
  • Exposure on working with Agile scrum or Sprint projects.
  • Terraform Module creation
  • Defects fixes based upon the priority deployments

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Course Details

2.1 Waterfall
2.2 Agile Scrum
2.3 Agile Workflow

3.1 Various Distribution
3.2 Linux Commands

4.1.Introduction and Architecture
4.2 Merge, Branching, Rebasing, Tagging and Stash

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Setup, Plugin and Repositories

6.1 Introduction and Plugins
6.2 Integration with Maven and GIT
6.3 Executors , Pipeline and Management

7.1 Overview and Introduction
7.2 Architecture, Setup and Command line
7.3 YAML Introduction
7.4 Facts, Loops and Statements

8.1 Introduction and Setup
8.2 Containers and its lifecycle
8.3 Network Model and Integrations with Jenkins

9.1 Overview and Architecture
9.2 Setup, Pods and Nodes
9.3 Labels and Selectors, Services, and Deployment
9.4 Rollback and its changes, and Commands

10.1 Infrastructure and Services
10.2 Setup, Command and its definitions
10.3 Configurations and Remote Plugin Executor

11.1 Overview and Flow
11.2 JSON and Packer Commands
11.3 Image Creation

12.1 Introduction and Key Features
12.2 Building Blocks and Resource Dependencies
12.3 Modules and Graph

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